WalkMe Apps New Version Update

We are thrilled to announce an exciting version update today with many new features and advanced capabilities!


Please note: In order to optimize every applet’s performance in the new version, we’ll be separating Android and iOS applets from one another – a much requested feature.

All the applets you’ve created so far will be duplicated automatically and you’ll have both Android & iOS versions available on your dashboard.


So, what’s new and exciting? Here are the highlights:

Element recognition: Triggering actions and guiding users just got a whole lot simpler with element recognition capabilities that lets you use every element on any screen as a segmentation asset and a trigger for on-screen notifications.


WalkMe Apps -Element recognition - pointer


  • Create powerful onboarding processes that fuel user retention and satisfaction.
  • Focus users on feature discovery and promote engagement.
  • Capitalize on optimal engagement opportunities to drive upgrades and app store reviews that will organically grow your active user base.
  • Overcome user confusion with subtle, onscreen tool-tips and spotlights that guide users when they need it most (and when it’s most valuable for you).


WalkMe Apps -Element recognition - spotlight


ConnectMe: Configuring elements is a breeze with our simple QR scanner that integrates your app with our platform and lets you trigger any guidance, shout-out or segmentation.


connect-me app


We added new, fully customizable designs and animated shout-outs so your app can look and feel amazing, and still keep its own, unique flavor.


We have a few more aces up our sleeve waiting for you… don’t be shy – come check it out!

Haven’t integrated WalkMe Apps SDK yet? You can sign up here and get started for free.