Introducing WalkMe Apps™

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our new platform for mobile app developers – WalkMe Apps.

The platform is completely free and secure and supports all iOS and Android based native applications.

WalkMe.Apps™ are built on the recognition that the mobile user experience is becoming increasingly critical and complex, and we want to help developers– to create the most impactful and effective mobile software possible. The platform allows mobile app developers to instantly integrate and deploy various user-facing features such as “rate-my-app” pop-ups, new feature introductions, special offers, version update notifications and much more.


The features – which we like to call Applets – are designed for optimal engagement with compelling texts, CTAs and visuals, as well as allow for endless
customization options to fit each individual theme.

The platform enables advanced monitoring, user segmentation and triggers for various engagement, onboarding and monetization solutions. The developer’s
dashboard lets you track applet performance in real-time via impressions and click-through rates for all of your applets simultaneously.

Dashboard 1280px.png

Over the past few years, we have been employing our expertise in user experience and engagement to address some of the greatest challenges in the mobile arena.

The tools we’ve developed and the insights we’ve cultivated along the way have led us to the decision to make our knowledge and experience readily
available to independent app developers.

Many developers nowadays find themselves struggling to stand out in the saturated app arena between the few dominant studios and ever-demanding users.

WalkMe’s new platform will help those developers close the gap and compete as equals to win over users’ hearts.

Come check it out at