Best iOS Development Blogs and Resources

The internet was made for sharing – and just as the blog-o-sphere has erupted for music, movies, video games, books etc., so too have iOS development blogs.

Mobile application development blogs offer developers a unique and useful resource, in addition to the official flagship resources we already have (Apple’s Developer page, and Google’s Android studio compository). They provide us with practical knowledge, insights into the latest news and inspiration to create great software.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best iOS development blogs – from independent developer blogs to large-scale operations with multiple contributors. The scope of the content varies, so it’s important to look around and find a blog that suits your needs.


iOS Development Blogs


Cocoa With Love

This iOS development blog is created and maintained by a Melbourne-based software developer and consultant, Matt Gallagher (@cocoawithlove).

“Cocoa with love” derives its name from the informal umbrella term “cocoa,” referring to programming for any of Apple’s platforms. Formally, cocoa is actually an Apple trademark term referring to all Apple frameworks.


Cocoa with Love - among the best iOS development blogs


Contemporary posts on this blog are mostly concerned with optimizing iOS development with Swift – such as error handling, efficient parsing, etc. This blog, however, has been around since 2008 and a look into the archives shows an entire pre-Swift era section devoted to Objective-C programming. At the very least, you know that Cocoa With Love is writing from a lot of experience.


iOS Dev Weekly

This blog provides a weekly curated list of links to the best iOS mobile app development blogs and articles. Dave Verwer (@daveverwer) handpicks the articles and delivers it right to your inbox every Friday.


Dave Verwer - among the best iOS development blogs


With this subscription you will always be up to date on the latest swift updates and developments made by the Apple team.

This is the personal blog of Edinburgh-based writer and former software developer/UX consultant Matt Gemmell (@mattgemmell).


Matt Gemmell - among the best iOS development blogs


In the past, Matt worked for Apple, as well as a number of other Fortune 100 companies. His experience even includes writing a substantial amount of Mac source code. Although he now dedicates his time to various writing projects, he remains interested in tech, particularly app development and multi-touch interfaces.

Browsing through his blog, you will find a mixed bag of articles related to both creative writing and app reviews alike.

This is less of a personal blog with a developer’s musings, and more of a platform that hosts professionally made video tutorials and content. The programming language is focused on Swift and iOS development, but there is android development content, as well.


Ray Wenderlich - Among the Best iOS development resource


The blogger, Ray Wenderlich (@rwenderlich), even hosts full mobile development bootcamps and provides a full video tutorial series on sprite creation and mobile game development. The blog comes highly recommended but you should note that full access has a subscription cost.


Cocoa Controls

This is a great iOS development blog that lists custom controls and views for iOS and Mac OS X for optimizing your Cocoa projects. The blog was founded by two Seattle-based indie OS developers – Aaron (@aaronbrethorst) and Rob.


Cocoa controls - among the best iOS development blogs


They provide a weekly roundup of featured controls and occasionally invite guest bloggers to post, as well.


NS Hipster

This blog actually refers to itself as a hipster programming site because it tends to focus on the obscure and often overlooked aspects of iOS programming. The blog provides a wealth of archived information on Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa and X code.  


NS Hipster - among the best iOS development blogs


With 7 contributors in total, they have become very popular. The 2 lead contributors, Matt Thompson @mattt and Nate Cook @nnnnnnnn, have even released several iOS development books.


Now that you have the inside scoop on our favorite bloggers & resources for everything iOS-related, get to know them – and remember: keep learning, keep sharing and never stop developing.

On our next post , we’ll discuss some of the most valuable resources to enhance your coding skills and knowledge.