Best Blogs and Resources for Android App Development

One of our favorite things about software development is being a part of something much bigger than ourselves. There is a huge community of developers out there who constantly share knowledge, answer questions and upload free-to-use components that help us all improve our skills.



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This post is the first of a three-part series of blog posts where we will map out the leading writers, influencers, forums and resources for mobile application development – with emphasis on android development and iOS development.


Best Blogs and Resources for Android Development

The Android platform offers a wide range of powerful features for the mobile devices of millions of users worldwide. As the number of developers increased in tandem, a growing number of Android Development resources have appeared online. But which of these blogs offer the most useful and up to date information?


Let’s take a look at some of the best android development blogs and resources around.


Get Your Info Straight From The Horse’s Mouth


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It may seem like common sense to many, but I have to include the Google Developers blog on Google+. This blog will provide you with an immense amount of useful knowledge about the Android platform, plus it is coming directly from the development team at Google. Part of what makes this a great Android Development Blog is the timeliness of the information presented. Here you can learn about new features, options and changes as they are introduced.


Access Tutorials That Lighten Your Workload


Amongst the numerous advantages with which the blogosphere has provided us over the years is the diverse array of tutorials available online for just about any given subject. Android development is no exception, but where do you turn for the most helpful and up to date tutorials?


Vogella offers many great tutorials in one convenient place that makes it easy to select the specific topic you need. With many great tutorials for beginners, it is also a great site to recommend to new developers looking to expand their skill set.


Another excellent choice is androidhive; which is an Android Development blog that publishes articles by many top developers in the industry today and covers a wide range of topics. You’ll find many links to different tutorials on topics related to Android development using a plugin located directly on the Androidhive homepage.


Find Timely Information In Your Inbox


Any Android Developer can benefit by subscribing to Android Weekly – a free weekly newsletter which features articles, links, tutorials and even job opportunities relevant to android development. More than a weekly newsletter, Android Weekly also features an excellent Android Development Blog and boasts a large base of subscribers, as well as content from leading development industry contributors.


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While some today see email newsletters as passé, it can be a pleasant surprise to find reading material in your inbox that is actually useful. It is highly recommended for anyone working in or studying development.


Join The Community and Get Tips & Tricks From All Corners Of The World


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Xda developers is a community of over 6.6 million developers who eat, sleep and breath mobile devices and android software development. Here you can find numerous useful discussions on every topic and device, including (but of course not limited to) troubleshooting help and development tips, tricks and resources for all your needs.


Round Out Your Skill Set By Learning From Top Industry Pros


The visual design aspect of android app development has evolved tremendously over the years, along with the resolution of the devices it is intended for. To some developers the backend is a breeze, but UI design is a frightening challenge.


Fortunately, there is androiduiux – an excellent mobile application development blog. This blog specializes in the user interface aspect of the industry and is among the best mobile app development blogs because it demystifies what went into some of the latest and greatest design techniques used today. At androiduiux, you’ll also find many tips and tricks written by a well experienced UI/UX professional that can boost your design and overall user experience, while making your workflow much more efficient.


learn android dev from the best
learn android dev from the best


Software development is an endless journey of discovery and you can (and should) constantly improve your personal knowledge base, help fellow developers and get inspired. Utilizing these resources is a great way to do so.
In our next post, we will explore various resources for iOS development. Stay tuned!