Chess Players Create Better Apps – An Interview With Tony Phillips

We reached out to Tony Phillips for a few questions concerning some of the greatest challenges in modern app development and lucky for us, he was happy to share his views. The result is a great piece of innovative thinking.   Tony Phillips is the CEO & Co-Founder of Hack Reactor (@HackReactor) – an advanced

Best iOS Development Blogs and Resources

The internet was made for sharing – and just as the blog-o-sphere has erupted for music, movies, video games, books etc., so too have iOS development blogs. Mobile application development blogs offer developers a unique and useful resource, in addition to the official flagship resources we already have (Apple’s Developer page, and Google’s Android studio

Best Blogs and Resources for Android App Development

One of our favorite things about software development is being a part of something much bigger than ourselves. There is a huge community of developers out there who constantly share knowledge, answer questions and upload free-to-use components that help us all improve our skills.     This post is the first of a three-part series

How to Construct a Winning Multiple Version Support Strategy for Your App

Constructing an effective multiple version support strategy is one of the most crucial keys to success for a native app indie-developer. With every new device launch and every new operating system update, comes a brand new set of features and functions. Each release broadens the potential capabilities for all apps, making the possibilities seem endless.